With the help of our partners from Taiwan, China, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, we supply IT-equipment for public and private factories, as well as enterprises of the Russian Federation, Europe and Southeast Asian countries
What do we mean by İT equipment?
Among the huge range of categories of İT-equipment, our company identifies two of the most relevant in the world market
Server equipment
  • Ready server solutions
  • Processors for server hardware
  • Storage systems
  • Silicon wafers
  • Semiconductor Products
  • Microchips
  • Integrated circuits and memory chips
  • Microprocessors
Our services are in the nature of deliveries
as a necessary component of IT-equipment, as well as finished products.

The principle of our work is based on your needs, because The main reference point is always on the client.
  • Needs
    Identification of your company's needs for a particular product.
  • Market analysis
    Analysis of the it-equipment market with the ability to select a manufacturer from a particular region.
  • Sertification
    Control over the certification of exported products.
  • Logistics
    Research and implementation of logistics processes.