Global Force Technology INC

Our dedicated export-import specialists help customers, traders and manufacturers expand the market for their business.
About our company
Global Force Technology INC – Azerbaijani company on the world market, engaged in the services of import and export of various types of products in order to assist our customers in import substitution.

And also our company has all the necessary permits and licenses for the production, import and export of civil aviation products.
Studied product lines
Our company will be happy to consider your proposals.

Since the presented product lines are not any restriction.
  • Aircraft engines
    Service and warranty service, supply, sale and modernization of aircraft engines.
  • Solar panels
    Thanks to close ties with manufacturers from China, Belgium, Turkey, Estonia and the UAE, we supply solar panels to public and private enterprises around the world.
  • İT-equpment
    With the help of our partners from Taiwan, China, Germany, Switzerland and the USA, we supply IT-equipment for public and private factories, as well as enterprises of the Russian Federation, Europe and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Energy sector
    Supply of equipment for the energy sector. As well as the implementation of projects in the engineering, chemical, automotive, aviation, construction, tourism and computer fields.
Interested in cooperation?
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